College Soccer

A Track Record of Success in Taking Players to the Next Level

Shown above are some of the players coached by Total Futbol who graduated from high school in 2015 and 2016 and went on to play soccer in college (each is wearing the shirt of their chosen school).

Since 2012, 152 players coached by members of the Total Futbol staff have gone on to play (or have committed to play) soccer in college: 110 athletes for Division I programs and 42 for Division II or III programs. As a point of reference, nationally a mere 2.4% of female high school athletes move on to play DI soccer, and about 4.8% move on to DII or DIII soccer ( For players who wish to compete in college, we offer coaching and training expertise with a proven track record of success.

Total Futbol takes pride in helping players make the transition to collegiate athletics and we believe athletic participation fosters lifelong skills. For example, according to a recent study by Gallup®, Inc., former student-athletes who received a bachelor’s degree between 1970 and 2014 are more likely than non-student-athletes to be thriving in "purpose, social, community and physical well-being". You can read the full report HERE

At the end of each season, we summarize the results our players have achieved at the next level. Check it out:
Below is a list of current and former athletes who play (or who have verbally committed to play) at the college level. The number of players varies by year according to how many teams we coach in a given age group. Players are grouped by the year of high school graduation and you can click on names in red type to see their soccer biographies. The college logos provide active links to the team pages for these programs so that you can get more information.