College ID Clinic FAQs

Q:  What can I expect from the coaches at these clinics?
A:  Each college coach participating in a Total Futbol College ID Clinic represents the school they work for as either the head or assistant coach.  Players will cycle through training sessions run by each coach participating and then be observed playing in a scrimmage environment.
Q:  My child doesn’t play for a Total Futbol team, is that OK?
A:   Absolutely!  All players are welcome to join these clinics.  While we work with a variety of teams across clubs in the DC area, by no means are these clinics restricted to those players.  If your child is interested in a school that’s participating in a clinic or wants to experience the College ID process, this is a great opportunity for them!
Q:  Are there any restrictions on who can attend?
A:  Players are separated based on gender, by weekend.  Participants must be in the 9th grade in the calendar year of the camp and must be under 21 when the camp occurs.
Q:  How do I register?
A:  Register at:
Q:  How many clinics can my child attend?
A:  There’s no limit to the amount of ID clinics a player can participate in.
Q:  Are positions within the camp restricted by position?
A:  No.  Players of all positions are encouraged to attend.
Q:  My child doesn’t know if college soccer is for them, is there value in participating?
A:  The ID Clinic process allows for your child to play with and against many players looking to play at the next level.   This can be a great gauge to determine if their level would be a good fit.  Additionally, the daily Q&A sessions provide an excellent forum to ask questions of the coaches there and get a better picture about college soccer. 
Q:  The schools my player is most interested are all on one day of the clinic.  Can we register for just that day at a discount?
A:  No.  NCAA rules prohibit participants from receiving a discounted price.  There are no discounts or scholarships available because of this.
Q:  Are refunds available if my child cannot participate?
A:  Refunds must be requested a minimum of 30 days in advance of the clinic to be considered.
Q:  What types of payment are accepted?
A:  Payment is accepted by credit card during the registration process or by check mailed to Total Futbol at 4223 Evergreen Ln. Annandale, VA 22003
Q:  Are there hotel arrangements for players?
A:  No.  Accommodations are not included with the registration fee.  The Madeira School is conveniently located near Tyson’s Corner, VA and there are many hotel options in that area.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have about staying in the area if you’re coming from out of town. 
Q:  Should participants contact coaches ahead of the clinic?
A:  Players are encouraged to contact any schools they’re interested in attending.  The coaches at the clinic will receive a roster with the information provided for each player, but additional background and expression of interest is always appreciated.
Q:  What should my child have with them to participate?
A:  Players need to bring a ball, shin guards, and water.  Shirts for the weekend will be provided at registration.  Lunch is provided.  Sunscreen is recommended as well as coming to the clinic hydrated, rested, and having breakfast.